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Hello to All:

I do volunteer work at the public school in my area, helping with an after-school study group. Recently, I was helping a 5th grader study his spelling. Bobby has been diagnosed ADD/ADHD and has been put in Special Ed.

He seemed like any other child to me, a little harder to keep on track, but he was so eager to please me.

We got in communication. He told me that he didn't like himself. That he makes B's now and he used to make A's. I asked him what is different about now than when he made A's. Did he live at the same place? yes. So we went on to something else.

During one study solution, I called his full name; Bobby Nasher, using his mother's name. "My name is NOT Nasher." he protested. That's the name of the guy my Mom was married to when I was in second grade. I sure don't want to use HIS name. Then he stopped and looked at me. "That's it. That's when I stopped trying and started goofing off. I was miserable having that guy around." So Bobby decided that the guy's not around any more, so there's no reason why he can't get back on track and make A's again.

He made 100 on his spelling test next day.

I was pleased and amazed at how much a little "attention" accomplished. So I'm thinking that maybe "attention deficit" might be the right term but we've been using it wrong. The deficit is in the right kind of attention WE give the child.


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