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Myth of the ADD Child and More.

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Does my child have ADD/ADHD?

First we have to establish if there is such a thing. This is something you must decide for yourself. Is there something wrong with a child who is "different"? Why can't this child be like other children? Will this child learn? In the pages that follow, we hope to help you answer these questions for yourself. You will find letters from parents who've put their children on drugs, and those who have found alternatives that work. I hope that you can find your own answers.

Why are we doing this? Because, we have experienced those whose lives and future were destroyed by a well meaning parent who chose to drug their children in the name of help. Even after drugging is stopped, the damage lasts a lifetime.

Must my child be put on Medication?

Following are articles which point out the dangers of medicating children. There are alternatives to drugging.

RITALIN AIN'T THE ANSWER Matt Scherbel shares his own childhood experience of having been diagnosed and medicated as ADD.

WHY RITALIN RULES In this article published in the April/May issue of Heritage Foundation's Policy Review, Mary Eberstadt points out that children are being legally drugged with a substance so similar to cocaine that, as one journalist accurately summarized the science, "it takes a chemist to tell the difference"?

What is CHADD?

Largest of the add support groups, founded in 1987, and by 1993, grown to include 35,000 families and 600 chapters nationally. Its professional advisory boardincludes most of the most prominent academicians in the add world. Read more about CHADD, Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder)

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